Posters from the 21st ICHS Symposium,

Melbourne, Australia

17 - 19 February, 2021

 Presenter  Poster link (or abstract as available)
 Adalbert, Ms. Jenna  Increased COVID-19 Mortality Risk
 Ahmed, Dr Asim  Karius Test
 Ahn, Dr. Hyojin  Hypogammaglobulinemia
 Al Agha, Dr Rawan  Fusarium solani
 Bandy, Ms Emma  Recombinant Zoster vaccine
 Borg, Dr Claire  Safety of recombinant Zoster vaccine
 Borg, Dr Claire  Immunogenicity of recombinant zoster vaccine
 Chai, Dr Khai Li  Newly diagnosed multiple myeloma
 Cho, Sung-yeon  Hemorrhagic Cystitis after Allogeneic HSCT
 Cochran, Willa  Multidisciplinary Approach to Prevention of CMV
 De Oliveira Mota, Dr Fernanda  SARS COV-2 infection
 Dharan, Dr Nila  Multispecies outbreak of Nocardia infections
 Douglas, Dr Abby *  Burden and outcomes of neutropenic fever 
 Flanagan, Shawn  Renal Function in the Phase 2 STRIVE Trial of Rezafungin
 Gardiner, Dr Brad **  Quantiferon®-CMV prior to primary prophylaxis discontinuation
 Gardiner, Dr Brad  Optimizing antibiotic prophylaxis
 Griffin, Dr David  Cryptococcus neoformans var grubii meningoencephalitis
 Haddadin, Dr Zaid  Lab Confirmed Influenza in Vaccinated Pediatric HSCT Recipients
 Ho, Su Ann  Refractory and resistant cytomegalovirus infection in allogeneic HSCT
 Katupitiya, Dr Dumindu  Treatment Resistant Polyarticular Mycobacterium Intracellulare Infection
 Kim, Dr. Si-hyun  Serum endocan and Cathepsin G-cleaved endocan in febrile neutropenia
 Luu, Dr Sarah  Prevention of Asplenic Pneumococcal Infection (PAPI)
 Luu, Miss Melissa  Patterns and outcomes of infections in patients with lung cancer
 Madney, Dr Youssef  Candidemia Among Pediatric Cancer Patients
 Maertens, Dr Johan ***  Empiric vs pre-emptive/diagnostic driven antifungal strategy in neutropenic
 Mendez, Gustavo  Sources of infection and bloodstream isolates in patients with acute leukemia
 Mendez, Gustavo  Neutropenic enterocolitis in patients with acute leukemia
 Ogimi, Dr Chikara  Factors associated with viral lower respiratory tract infection in allogeneic HSCT
 Oikonomopoulou, Dr. Zacharoula  Partial Autosomal Dominant STAT-1 Deficiency
 Oltolini, MD Chiara  Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex infection in children 
 Park, Dr. Hwanhee  Decrease of respiratory virus infection in paediatric pts during COVID-19
 Safe, Dr Liam  Tracking Functional Immune Recovery Following Allogeneic HSCT
 Sait, Dr. Afrah  Outcomes in SOT Recipients Treated With Newer Therapies for COVID-19
 Sandison, Dr Taylor  Safety and Efficacy of Rezafungin in Immunocompromised Patients
 Sandison, Dr Taylor Extended Rezafungin In a Murine Model Of Pneumocystis Pneumonia
 Selby, Philip  Analysis of antifungal prophylaxis in pts undergoing allogeneic HSCT
 Silva, Dr Adriana  Ceftazidime-avibactam treating MDR Klebsiela pneumoniae in child HSCT
 Silva, Dr Adriana  SARS-CoV-2 infection in children and adolescents with cancer
 Smibert, Olivia  Pseudotumor presentation of CMV disease
 Stella, Ms Maureen Miracle  Milk Lactoferrin: A Novel Antifungal with Remarkable Azole Potentiation
 Sundac, Dr Lana  Droplet digital PCR for the quant detection of BK polyomavirus in blood
 Tey, Ms Amanda  Risk factors for invasive fungal infection in 5-azacitidine treated patients
 Tio, Dr Shio Yen  Olorofim for Severe Disseminated Lomentospora prolificans infection
 Valentine, Mr. Jake  Evaluating burden of healthcare-associated infections in Victorian cancer pts
 Varshney, Mr. Karan  Risk Factors for COVID-19 Mortality Among People Living with HIV
 Wong, Michael  Cef-Taz Treatment Outcomes in IC pts with MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa
 Yeoh, Dr Daniel  Febrile neutropenia in paediatric oncology and HSCT patients
 Yoon, Dr Yoonsun  Successful treatment of Ebstein-Barr virus-related acute retinal necrosis
 Zimmet, Dr. Alex  Pathophysiological signatures of bloodstream infection in transplant 

* Best Clinical Abstract  

** Best Diagnostic Abstract

*** Best Poster

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